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        Playing similar motion scales with hands together is a very big ask for many students, often fraught with the pitfalls of wrong notes, incorrect fingering and practised-in errors.

        This A4 landscape hard copy book was written to help solve these problems and to streamline the memorisation process. This unique pictorial method created by Ellie Hallett after seeing how many students lost valuable marks in exams because of poor scales.

        Rather than spending valuable lesson-time working on the frustrating business of fixing fingering and note errors, this format allows teachers to work instead on technique, fluency, evenness of tone etc.

        Students love this intuitive method because learning scales is far less frustrating and accuracy is achieved immediately. Practice time is shortened as a result.

        Accurate First Time Piano Scales replaces the earlier edition called As Easy as Pie Piano Scales, with a wide range of Natural Minor scales now included.

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Learn to Read Music by Drawing

Back cover information - Learn to Read Music by Drawing-600
Back cover

Learn to Read Music by Drawing is cheerful learning at its effective best. Children love this workbook to the extent that they grasp the concepts immediately and want to keep exploring further under their own steam.

  • Memorisation happens on a more practical level because note recognition is more easily matched to the pitch location on the instrument or instruments being studied.
  • The physical act of drawing reinforces each note’s position on the staff locks into the mind each mental image.
  • The pictures have been selected very carefully to represent each note so that the picture itself indicates pitch. An example – treble clef high C has a crown picture because it is worn up high.
  • The hand drawings have been made simple enough for easy and quick copying by the young student.
  • Note that the drawing part of this book starts after Section One.

How this book is structured

Section One – Introductory Information: treble and bass clefs, the piano note names, sharps, flats and note values.

Section Two – Note identification uses drawing as the visualisation tool for memorisation. If I say the word ‘sheep’, a picture of a sheep comes to mind. The same principle of learning applies here.

How many notes are taught? All line and space notes and up to two leger-line notes in both treble and bass staves have a copy-and-draw identity picture built on the semibreve shape. Children work at their own pace. Revision and assessment tasks are included. 

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Please feel free to download the documents below. Some have spaces for your to fill in to suit students of different grades. These are meant to make your life easier.
Best wishes from Ellie.

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