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It's Time to Sing!


15 all new titles with music and lyrics

This dyslexia-friendly songbook-reader of action songs was written to meet a request by teachers of Early Childhood and Primary classes for new material that combines word knowledge and singing.


You will delight in the melodies, lyrics, actions and musical togetherness these songs provide.


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School Musicals

Looking for an Original School Musical?

Finding a musical that is just right for your school can be a tough job, especially when you want lots of parts for several classes, great songs and a modern flavour.

The musicals I have written have the full cast in the body of the hall or theatre throughout the show, eliminating that awful problem of having to look after excited kids in the wings, or cue them from afar.

Please feel welcome to browse through the rest of these musicals. I would love to hear from you if you want more info or have any comments.


A Multicultural Musical for
Upper Primary / Junior Secondary Schools

RIDERS was written to fulfil the need for a multicultural musical to bring together the wide diversity of students in a school, and to acknowledge the richness and positive aspects such a mix of cultures has within the school and in the wider community.

Boardroom cast from a
school perfornamce of RIDERS.

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The Fairy Who Wouldn't Fly

Adapted by Ellie Hallett with permission from
the Pixie O'Harris story of the same name.

A Year Two student playing The Fairy who Wouldn't Fly in a school performance.

Set in Fairyland, one Fairy won't fly because all the other fairies fly so well.

She is sent to the Woodn't, where she meets the
   * Kookaburra-who-Wouldn't-Laugh,
   * Bilby-who-Wouldn't-Dig,
   * Frog-who-Wouldn't-Hop,
   * Glow-worm-who-Wouldn't-Glow.
After some adventures they are all able to return to Fairyland. 

This musical is suitable for up to seven classes.   
'Fairy' has been performed in three different schools.

Aprox 45 minutes duration.

A Tight Spot for Santa
A Christmas play 

Year One cast in a school performance. *

Santa has become stuck to a rocking horse while using Super Tough Glue, and won't be able to deliver toys to the children.  Each reindeer in turn tries to pull him free without success.

The Polar and Brown bears call in for a visit, and just happen to have some Bear Essential Solution to dissolve the sticky situation. 

Aprox 15 minutes duration.

Flying to the Rescue

Year One cast in a
school performance. *

A Christmas play 

Santa's mail from children all over the world has not arrived, and Santa and the elves are very worried. 

Migrating birds - such as the Needle-Tailed Swift, Arctic Tern, Turtle Doves, Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, Golden Plover and the Wild Geese - find the mailbags on their true migration paths, and deliver them to Santa just in time.

Aprox 15 minutes duration.

Over the Moon

Set on the moon, this play has characters with such names as Man-in-the-Moon, Gibbous Moon, Crescent Moon, High Tide, Low Tide, Neap Tide, Star Sparklers, Silver Clouds and the Dark Side of the Moon.

Aprox 15 minutes duration.

* Note: Please contact Ellie Hallett if you recognise yourself in any of the photos on this website.
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