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School Musical - RIDERS

RIDERS is a multi-cultural musical which highlights the importance of people caring for each other and looking after the Earth.

While mainly set in Australia, it can be easily adapted for any country.

There's much entertainment, surprising events, humour and variety wrapped around this theme, as well as seven bright, catchy and memorable songs that will have your audience humming all the way home!


A Multicultural Musical

"...to see ourselves as riders on the Earth together..."

Archibald MacLeish - 1968

RIDERS is a very entertaining musical which has as its theme the multicultural facets of today's school and the wider community. It is fast moving, keeps an audience thoroughly entertained with one surprise after another, and gives plenty of scope for students to become highly motivated and involved.

RIDERS opens on a space-station with the characters looking 'down' on the earth. It is essentially a comedy, full of colour and energy. LOTS of fun is guaranteed!!

The structure of RIDERS allows for great flexibility, in that many cultures and talents within the school are acknowledged and given prominent focus. Everyone has something to give and something to share. An important aspect of RIDERS is that it allows for creativity in production and can engage the whole school community including parents.

The Overture, a Cosmic Dance, allows students to choreograph movement.

In the Fashion Show, the Commentator describes the clothes and accessories according to what is being shown.

The Multicultural Festival is the pinnacle of the whole show, and is a culmination of the multiple and varied talents.

Mr Rupert Mogul
played by Year 6 student. *


Andros Papadoupolis Australian Astrophysicist and Debate Adjudicator
Katarina Ivanov  Australian Astrophysicist and sister of Vonny/Rick
Mr Harry Rose  Chairman of the Multicultural Festival
Mr Rupert Mogul  Managing Director of Channel 88
*Vonnie/Rick Ivanov School student and sister/brother of Katarina
*Jane/Jim Mackenzie School student and first speaker for the Debate
Affirmative team
*Sing Lee/Kim Wong  School student and second speaker for the Debate
Affirmative team
*Zita/Peter Schafer School student and third speaker for the Debate -
Affirmative team
Mr Ryan Roysten Channel 88 personality
Miss Samantha Summers Channel 88 personality
Dr Thomas Miller Philanthropist
Chairperson for the Debate  Teacher or student
Mr Bill Bloat 

First and only speaker for the Debate - Negative team

* Name depends on the whether the part is taken by a male or female actor.

Other Speaking Parts:

Executive 1
Executive 2
Executive 3
Cameraman 1 - Channel 88
Cameraman 2 - Channel 88
Cameraman 3 - Channel 88

(These characters can be male or female)  

Maria Costello (or name to suit the nationality of this character)
Fashion Show Commentator
(not scripted)
Diction'ry Song -
Singers and Dancers: 
Seven Dictionary Holders -  final part of Debate Scene.
Timekeeper for the Debate  

Non-Speaking Parts:

A.B.C. Television crew Any number
Miss Hilda Graball Second Negative team actor in the Debate
Mr Herbert Bolus 

Third Negative team actor


The Chorus comprises everyone - including Principals - not on-stage at any time during the play.

  • The Chorus is involved throughout the Musical, and sits in the Hall for the whole performance.
  • Characters come and go from the Chorus to maximise participation and involvement.
  • All actors thus see the whole show.

Song Titles

Earth Song Sung while looking at Earth from space station Copernicus. Hear sample
Bags of Money A rollicking, aggressive and hand-rubbing song about becoming rich. Hear sample
The Internet Song Connecting points of view with people all over the world - 'You can natter on the Net'. Hear sample
If You Have a
Serious Problem
...talk to people! Hear sample
Now Let Us Start
This Great Debate
Introduces the debating teams and others in a theatrical way. Hear sample
We All Live in Australia Let's care for the country that has brought us all together.

Hear sample



Part 1 (approx. 55 minutes)

- Dance of comets, meteors, stars and planets.

SCENE 1 - Space station Copernicus in the year 2010.

SCENE 2 - Channel 88 Boardroom
    INTERLUDE 1 - After School
    INTERLUDE 2 - Making the TV Promo
    INTERLUDE 3 - Family Room, Katarina and Vonnie's house

SCENE 3 - Live Television Show

SCENE 4 - The Debate, including the Quiz, Fashion Show and Dictionary Song with Dance Routine.

Part 2  (Timing will be your own choice.)
Multicultural Festival

Decide what sort of items you wish to include in your Multicultural Festival, according to the talents and performance aspirations of your students. 

Students do not necessarily have to be of a country's origin to perform a National item.


Information for ordering RIDERS


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The Hire Package contains:

1. Score of vocal line and full piano accompaniment for each song.
2. Full script with the lyrics for the school to print at own cost.
3. Suggestions for staging, costumes, scenery, props and lighting.
4. A lyrics-only version of the song words for the cast and any others directly involved. Free printing allowed but to be used only for rehearsals.
5. A free optional downloadable backing track of all songs.
6. Access to the playwright/composer/lyricist to answer questions if required.

A perusal copy of the play's Script, Music Score, Performance Notes and Staging Suggestions is available for $10 to cover postage. This must be returned after 14 days (SAE will be included).

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Purchase Terms and Conditions

School Costs:
There are two parts to the cost - Materials Hire and Royalties.

Hire of three copies of the Master Script;
all Performance Notes and Staging Suggestions and
one copy of the Master Piano Score: $150 for the package.

This payment includes postage and handling. The payment of the above fee grants permission to the hirer of the musical RIDERS to:

• reproduce the script and song lyrics for cast and prompter/s for use during rehearsals and performance/s

• present public performances within six months of purchase

• download free backing tracks for each song (link will be provided once the completed Application Form and Materials Hire Fee are received)

• use the musical score for rehearsals, publicity and performances only


Performance Royalty: $50
This includes all performances (including matinees) where an admission charge is made. If no admission charge is made, there is no Performance Royalty.


• RIDERS and any parts thereof cannot be transferred, hired-out or resold.

• Perusal documents to be returned within 14 days.

• Payment for Materials Hire with signed Application Form to be received prior to rehearsals commencing.

• Payment for Royalties to be made within 14 days of the last performance.

• All original copies are to be returned with return postage costs paid by the hiring school.

• All school copies of the script and music are to be destroyed after the last performance.

• All materials are copyright and subject to Australian copyright laws.

* Note: Please contact Ellie Hallett if you recognise yourself in any of the photos on this website.

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Multicultural Musical Play - RIDERS

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Multicultural Musical Play - RIDERS

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