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Resources for Piano Teachers

  Accurate First Time Major, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor and Natural Minor Fingering chartsPiano Scales

This best-selling book enables students of all abilities and levels to progress quickly and accurately in their similar motion scales.

Major, Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor and primary Natural Minor scales are all here in a format that makes learning and memorisation easier than it's ever been.

Accurate notes and fingering happen from the very first playing.

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Learn to Read Music by DrawingLearn to Read Music by Drawing

This note-memorisation workbook makes learning to read music faster, more secure and a lot more fun than you thought possible.

It is perfect for beginner pianists, vocalists and all instrumentalists.

'Tell me and I'll forget,
Show me and I will understand,
Involve me and I'll remember.'
                                  (Chinese proverb)

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My Weekly Lesson and Practice LogbookMy Weekly Lesson and Practice Logbook

This A4 sized booklet is a valuable record of a term's worth of lessons for the teacher, parent and student. Practice sessions at home are easy for students to follow because they are so well structured by the teacher in lesson time.

Each book has every chance of becoming a keepsake for students to look back on with nostalgia in years to come.


Sets of five copies per order.

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